Nestlu00e9 Waters North America

Nestlu00e9 Waters North America: Strengthening Dialogue with Communities

As the largest producer of bottled spring water in the United States, Nestlu00e9 Waters North America (NWNA) faces a unique set of challenges related to managing a natural resource perceived by many as a public good. The company has faced criticism at its spring water sites in North America from community members who have two primary concerns.

Our Goals and Project Strategy

Our goal was to design a companywide framework for siting and community involvement that addresses NWNA business objectives, includes full participation by and addresses the concerns of the community and government agencies, and is designed with the input of national stakeholders. To execute this project, we employed our experience developing community-engagement strategies for the extractives industry, as well as our expertise in responsible natural resource management.

Logistic Solutions and Results

At the time of this Reportu2019s publication, NWNA was at the midway point of this engagement, and the company had already begun to take several important steps toward the development and implementation of the new siting framework. We believe that, if implemented, this will lead to a more consistently successful approach to engaging with communities.


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