Customs Brokerage Service


Republic of Panama is one of the Latin America Country best strategic geographical location for international commerce.

Due to its cargo´s transit nature, we have in place processes and laws that facilitate the international exchange and transit of cargo.

At ATL Group, we are able to offer you, the customer brokerage service as we have locations at Panama City, Paso Canoa at Panama /Costa Rica´s border and Panama Pacifico (one of the special economic zone within the country).

We count with more than 20 specialist professional’s human capital, ready to manage your needs.

Our Services:

  • Definitive and temporary import cargo management
  • Export and re-export processes
  • In transit cargo management
  • Special permits for food stuff
  • Special permits for controlled materials
  • Special handling of health and personal care products
  • Legal advice for custom handling
  • Tax Exonerations process
  • Cargo´s Warranty deposit

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